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Instant Lead Generation

This Instant Lead Generation method, will work on any website and for any type of business, With our own developed method which uses a 3rd Party forever free software to capture the interest of every user that visits your site. And don’t worry this method conforms to all Data Privacy Regulations, including GDPR.

As this method requires opt-in from users, we can’t capture every customer, but the cool thing is, that following this method increases opt-ins to 85%.

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This method allows you to start nurturing visitors to your site without them having to give up their personal data, they just need to accept push notifications.

We offer a complete installation service, or we can provide you with Expert training for you to do the installation yourself.

Implementation is the same for every website and every industry, although how you execute, will depend on the type of business you have.

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If you want to kickstart your lead generation and really start putting your website to work, talk to us today.

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