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Kickass Google Review Service

If your Google review rating is below 5 then it is killing your business.

Be honest, when you are looking for somewhere to eat, a gym, a beauty spa, a product on Amazon, you listen to recommendations from family members as a valued opinion or read reviews.

Now I’m sure that you’d agree that most of your potential customers probably choose things the same way, right?

Just look at the results from the 2017 Consumer review survey.

 Google Review Survey Results

If your business is not getting google reviews it is probably down to one of two things, either your customers don’t know how to leave a review, or you don’t know how to ask them (or both)!

I found a way to fix both of these things!

I am sure you have heard of Google reviews, well I came up with this idea, it’s pretty simple actually, remember

  • 68% of customers who were asked to leave a review actually left one and
  • 85% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Why you should care about a google review?

Check out the video below to see why you should care about Google reviews for your business

As I said the problem is, most businesses don’t ask and most people don’t know how to actually leave the review.
I came up with a solution that you simply hand your customer as they leave and that’s pretty much it. They’ll leave a review for you, and it won’t cost you anything.

The only thing worse then poor reviews is fake reviews

Yes, these are real reviews from your real customers, not fake paid for reviews (BTW:- Buying Fake reviews is a really bad strategy).

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