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Big Guys Marketing, Small Guys Budget Using ROPE

Today on the Plr-Printables Blog I want to share my ROPE method for PLR.
Following this simple framework you will find out how you can use PLR  for Content Marketing just like the Big Guys, but without paying a fortune.

The Rope Method for PLR - Image Rope in Heart Shape
The Rope Method for PLR

As you probably know, large companies use content marketing to drive traffic to their websites – why? – Because it works!
As а small business owner, you may be forgiven for thinking content marketing is not for you. But in today’s busy and noisy always connected world уоu need tо get noticed, so why not copy the proven successful tactics and methods of those large corporations, The Big Guys-  and start to publish high quality, useful content on the variety оf online platforms available within your Small Guy Budget.
I know what you are thinking;

Writing content takes time!
I don’t have writing experience! 

But, neither does every person in every corporation!

So what do the Big Guys do?
They hire someone!

As a small business, you probably cannot afford to hire a full-time content guy, or girl.
Sure, you can hire a freelance writer to write a couple of articles or an eBook for you. But that may end up costing you even more! So what’s the solution?

Private Label Rights!  Yes, PLR

There are hundreds of thousands of free and paid PLR Articles to be found online. Most of the free PLR content is either, outdated, poorly written or full of errors but paid PLR although inexpensive is also, in many cases, not ideal. 
It is either too general or too specific. That is one of the reasons why many people disregard PLR.
In this Blog, I want to share with you some ways that уоu саn use PLR content tо work for уоur business, without spending a lot of money, and also tell you about the method I use, so you can make the most of your PLR content.
I call this the ROPE Method for PLR


By its very nature, you are free to do whatever PLR content, break it up into smaller Social Media posts or turn it into something else completely like an infographic or eBook – if it is an ebook try breaking it up into articles. The only limit is your imagination. But you can turn one quality PLR article into a number of different things and if you get great evergreen content you can republish it.  Remember not everyone who follows your blog has been reading since day one.


You can organise content however you wish! Take an article and split it into 3 or 10 points and make a “10 Things about”, or “Top 3 things you should be doing” article.  Readers like this type of content as it is easy to consume, reading shouldn’t feel like a chore – so alway’s try to look at things from your reader’s point of view.


PLR content, even that written for a narrow niche, is by design general in the way it was written. Why? Because it wasn’t written EXACTLY with you in mind, just someone like you. So when using PLR content be sure to add your personal touch, talk about your business and try to keep the tone of your content consistent. If you are genuinely blogging about your business or interest then you are the expert, use personal experience to make the content more relevant to you.  Your readers will know that you really understand them and they will trust what you say, and keep coming back.


PLR articles, Free or Paid, usually run from between 300 – 500 words which are okay for a simple blog post but not really long enough so it is a good idea to up the word count by expanding the content. Take your PLR article and write some more about each point raised.  It is much easier than you think. I used to do this when I got writer’s block – use a short story or anecdote and build upon it. You can do this a number of times and before you know it you will have a long article that people will believe you wrote. What I liked to do also was run it through a plagiarism checker – to make sure it is unique.
Why don’t you try out the ROPE method for PLR now and see how easy it is:

ROPE – Repurpose, Organise, Personalize, Expand



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