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Are your readers complainers?
Are your readers complainers? I don’t mean complaining about you but are your readers typically bogged down with complaints and you are their source of relief entertainment and sanity?  Complaining is something that can affect all of us. Why not gift your readers with a way to turn that negativity into positivity!
This Ebook/Journal Combo on Turning Complaints into Assets will empower your readers to make that change in their lives and they will thank you for it!  This ebook will reveal the keys to unearthing the motivating factors behind complaints and how to solve those problems. In life, you are going to encounter the complaints of others and you can’t change someone else’s behaviour or feelings,  but you can proactively approach their complaints and get a positive outcome.
Give your readers a whole new view on the subject of complaining. Show them how they can turn their complaints into assets with this eBook / Journal combo.
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So if your answer is yes to the question “Are your readers complainers?” or you think maybe they could  maybe just need a bit of self-help hook them up with this great content from Piggy Makes Bank