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8 Tips for improving email deliverability

In Today’s post, you will find 8 Useful Tips for Improving Email Deliverability. Getting the email to the inbox is just the first step, but it’s an important one!

Double opt-in.

A double opt-in is when you send an automated email after a user subscribes, asking them to confirm their email this is also a good way to stay compliant with laws like GDPR, CASL and CAN SPAM.

Make your from and subject Clear about the contents.

The subject line should also clearly reflect the content of the message and the ‘from’ should be your brand/domain.

Segment your list.

If you have been building your list for some time you may have noticed that not all recipients are alike. Segment your list by interest and modify the Send frequency to drive more engagement.

Trim your list.

More is not always better. If the recipient hasn’t engaged with you in a while, target them with a more personal message and if they don’t respond remove them from your list.  It may seem counter-intuitive to reduce your list size, but if they are not engaged, then you are wasting time emailing them.

Hard bounces should be removed from your list.

Simple unsubscribe

Contacts who want to unsubscribe are no use to you so there is no point making it difficult for them to remove themselves from your list. In fact, it is much better for you.  Unsubscribing should be easier than reporting an email as spam. If unsubscribing is difficult, those contacts may mark your email as spam as to stop receiving the email. When an email is marked as SPAM ISPs can quickly add your domain ta blacklist or worse. If your recipient resides in the EU and will soon come under the new GDPR regulations,

Regular Sending Cadence

Pay attention to how frequently you are sending email and what kind of responses you get. Send email too often and you risk being ignored. Send too infrequently and recipients may forget about you. Experiment at the beginning, (A/B Test) then stick to your plan.


Learn from your data.

Data us everything in Marketing these days and Real-time analytics are the best way to help you plan and manage your email marketing strategy. Use Google analytics your automation service and any other real-time reports and functions like webhooks to maximise engagement and improve your deliverability. Pay attention to clicks and opens.

Work to improve your open rate.

Deliverability is clearly important, but it’s not everything. You want to ensure you are offering something that makes people want to open your email. Read my post about improving email open rate.