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Every online business needs traffic to their website to get subscribers and sales. Most online marketers start on a shoestring budget and feel they can’t afford to use paid advertising. Fortunately, there are now many more options than even just a couple of years ago. Even better, there isn’t a steep learning curve to be able to use them and get a good return on investment.

Making great videos and becoming confident doing it takes practice. But it all starts with having a goal in mind, knowing your audience, and then developing a plan to succeed. You need a plan of how to prepare for doing a video, and a plan to deal with nerves and shyness during the video. The Introvert’s Guide to Video Marketing will help you, the introvert, achieve your video marketing goals.
This Article relates to The Introvert’s Guide to Video Marketing, a Free guide you can download from the links in this post.

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The Twitter Marketing Excellence course is a 10 Part Video Course for the complete beginner and those with an established twitter account who feel they are just treading water.

This free training course will show you how you can easily create a range of images for your small business. This video runs through the basics of creating your own images in Canva using the Android Mobile app.

Mentors have experience and have gone through the growing pains to acheive success. Mentors can give you feedback on what you are doing right and wrong during your development. But many mentors and mentees forget to set mentor expectations.

The SMLBIZKIT Twitter training video course is designed for the complete ‘Twitter for business’ beginner. just signup to access to all 4 video episodes.