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12 Tips for Creating Engaging Content Readers will Share

How to create engaging content

This post is all about Creating Engaging Content that Readers Will actually want to share!
This type of post always starts with the phrase ‘Content is King’ but using such cliches is something you may want to avoid. Writing original engaging content is easier than most people think.
If you follow these tips you will be creating Engaging Content your target audience will be eager to share. And while sharing might be caring (oops! too cliche?) in content marketing sharing = more traffic, subscribers, sales and engagement.Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

1. Focus on a Single Topic

Your content should be focused, clean and concise, don’t try to cover too many things, if possible stick to a single post and if you find yourself writing lengthy articles covering a broad topic, this is the perfect opportunity to take chop it into several posts or a series.

2. Focus on a Single Goal

Each piece of content should have a goal you can measure. Do you want more:

  • Traffic
  • Subscribers
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Sales

Having a clear goal will help you write engaging content with a clear focus to help you reach it

3. The Correct Call to Action

The call to action needs to align with your goals for the content. If your goal is to increase the reach (audience) of your content and you are publishing an image of a dream holiday destination, you can ask readers to tag someone they want to go there with.

4. A Great Headline

When people are scanning for things to read, and/or searching online, they will always read the headline and decide on the basis of that whether or not they want to read more.

  • The headline should be no more than 60 characters in length so it will be fully visible on the search engines.
  • It should make people curious, have at least one keyword in it related to your niche, and
  • It should have a word that connects with the emotions of your readers. For example, if you want to talk about significant price reductions on some of your products, you could use the words “cut” or “slash.”

5. An Interesting Introduction

An interesting introduction will also encourage them to read more. Next time you read a full article go back to the beginning and think about what it was about the introduction that made you want to read more.

6. A free item

Some marketers argue that the most powerful word in the English language is “free.” Offering a free eBook, eCourse, or useful download can help you build your email marketing list and get people to share your content more often with friends and family who might also be interested in your niche.

7. Keywords

Keywords tell people and search engines what the content is about. Using words related to your niche in your headline, introduction, file titles and so on can all help them find what they are looking for, which is hopefully your engaging content.

8. A Variety of Formats

Content isn’t just words on a web page or blog. It’s also:
* Audio files
* Video files
* Images
* Infographics
* Templates
* Top 10s
* Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
* Checklists
* Memes
* And more
Offering engaging content in different formats helps cater to the learning styles and preferences of your followers. With more than 70% of all people being visual learners, if you are not already offering video content, now is the time to start. I have use Lumen 5 in both the PLR content I create and by setting up Lumen5 with your Blog, it will automatically create videos from RSS feeds Even on a free account for each of your blog posts

9. Sentences Should Be Short and Scannable

Your target audience will be reading on screens ranging from small mobile to full panorama on a desktop monitor. Having short sentences makes your work easier to read than huge chunks of text. Think about how the published post looks on your screens.

10. Use Bullet Points for Important Elements

Bullet points, although now frowned upon in Powerpoint presentations, are great when used in blog posts and eBooks they will also make your engaging content more scannable.

11. Use Subheadings

These make the entire piece of written content more scannable. Try to make the subheadings keywords if possible, not only for SEO, but also so your readers know what to expect.

12. Include Relevant Links with Keywords as Anchor Text

Link to pages at your side as needed. Instead of using the words “Click here,” try, “Visit URL for your free eCourse about X topic.”

Now your turn

Try out these 12 tips you an you will be creating more Engaging Content readers will share.
Image Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash